The way in which the Bible impacts all of Life

Conflict, Sin, and Marriage

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Genesis 2:15-3:24

My wife likes to make fun of me. It’s okay though, because I make fun of her too, we like to laugh. One of her favorite things to laugh at/with me for is my slightly overactive imagination. A good example of this is how we picture the fruit of the, “tree of the knowledge of good and evil”. Most people picture it as an apple, she pictures it as a golden pear, and I picture it as a way cooler/awesomer/incredibler (I know those aren’t really words) version of an apple. See, (in my mind) it’s not just a boring red apple; it’s like one of those hologram things, and looks a different depending on how you look at it –because if it is the object of the first sin ever against God then is needs to look incredibly appealing. Sin always looks good.

Speaking of marriage and sin, did you notice that the first martial conflict ever was over the issue of sin? When this happened, the sin itself became bigger than it originally was. This sin, went from being a dispute between mankind and his God (which is a big deal), to a dispute between mankind and his spouse. It’s obvious that God forgave Adam and Eve both for their sins, but I wonder if things would have been different if they would have been able to work things out. Sure, they still would have lost the garden, but I wonder if the relationship between their children (see Cain and Abel) would have been different if they would have been able to work out their own relational conflicts better. If Adam would have admitted his wrong doing in taking care of his wife, I mean the Bible says he was right there for goodness sakes, instead of trying blame everyone else (including God) for his own lack of leadership and caring for his wife. Or if Eve, instead of blaming the snake, would have just apologized immediately for her role in the whole messy mess –what if she would have said, “hey Adam, let’s not fight”?

Which reminds me, did you notice that the first conflict between two human beings was because of sin? Which also reminds me, have you noticed that every other conflict since the beginning of time has been a result of sin? When people are taken advantage of and abused, the problem is sin. When two friends have a huge fight, and never speak to each other again, the problem is sin. When men and women commit terrible acts of violence against other men and women, the problem is sin. That would make the solution Christ and his cross, wouldn’t it? Maybe one of the reasons we fail to truly address these issues, is because we are afraid to look at ourselves and see what impurities and imperfections within us are causing the conflicts around us. Maybe the problem isn’t everyone else; maybe the problem is the sin within our own hearts. Ouch, that stings me a bit.

The solution is to always keep our hearts pure before God. If I, as a husband, friend, and overall member of society am constantly going before God in repentance then I am naturally going to love and treat my wife and everyone else around me better. I will be a better representation of Christ to the world. And isn’t that, the representation of Christ, the point of being a Christian?

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Written by Adam C.

February 2, 2012 at 11:46 am

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  1. Sin being the root behind alot of conflict is a way of looking at conflict that I really haven’t given much thought. Kinda makes you want to stop and think the next time you are in a heated discussion aka argument with in your circle of friends family and peers.


    February 2, 2012 at 7:32 pm

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